f the creatures who re-created the world after the flood. It is said that the raven stole the sun, a reference to his love of bright things, but he is also a messenger of Great Spirit. As a guardian of sacred laws his appearance was regarded as a sign of coming change, and so he is a bird of transformation bringing new challenges.  



Welcome to the Chi-Ki Foundation website. Chi was Co-founded by three old friends over the summer of 2019 following an apparently chance meeting at a mates Hawaiian themed wedding. Over the course of the conversation and catching up of many years a theme of life challenges, stage 4 cancer diagnosis, bike accidents and Reiki, healing , therapies and use of herbal remedies including Cannabis to recover from those challenges unfolded.  Chi-Ki Energy as a concept started that day when we realised that  doing all of this alone was no longer an option and working collectively to support each other and those we support through our therapies and practices was the way forward.  Following an invite to join a tent of white eagle lodge healers, Reiki healers, and national federation spiritual healers at the Trew Fields Festival the next weekend saw the birth of what has become Chi-Ki healing Tent. Over the course of the festival and over 100 folk treated by the group it became clear that working collectively in teams, supporting each other and those receiving energy and therapies seemed to work and may be something worth growing.  Over the weeks following Trew Fields and  many many cups of coffee the idea of combining energy, remedies and therapies in support of people facing life challenges,  their families, and their carers grew.  We know from our personal journeys that a wide support network , good therapists and health care professionals, to call on is essential when facing life’s major challenges, and of course helpful for the little challenges too. While sitting down trying to decide what to even call ourselves the combination of Chi and Ki just seemed to work, and describes the chiki way we work. Despite the challenges we have faced and the challenges of those we are supporting  we find  light hearted , and a sense of humour and fun, are paramount to our well-being and way of working.  After several cups of chiki coffee and much scribbling in books, and attempts to photo shop something suitable, suddenly  the symbol which is part of our logo was drawn pretty much simultaneously by all 3 of us, with a slight tweak of the Raku ( the divine lightning bolt) and we had a Reiki like symbol to access energy as well as a groovy logo. We have asked and searched for any evidence of the symbol prior to our drawing in several Reiki Traditions and looked widely, while it has vague Onalome like form, it appears to be energetically about drawing energy and knowledge down to reality rather than the escape to enlightenment of the Onalome, and its energy has been very connective and resonant. Chi-Ki as well as an organisation and a symbol is very much a support group.  We think we can all agree that the prospect of taking cannabis for the first time or trying any new treatment or therapy can be frightening, intimidating, worrying or just plain wyrd.  No matter how challenging  the situation or diagnosis or how close your diagnosed expiry date can be , Fear can rule us. Everyone wants to keep safe with any supplement, herbal remedy or anything they add into their health and wellbeing protocol. It’s can be scary trying to find your balance without any support. Which is why we started Chi-Ki Energy, to help provide that support. Chi- ki aim to provide A safe, easy way to try a combination of therapy, energy or healing combining herbal Cannabis remedies applied by the therapists. We have had so much ongoing support from herbalists, homeopaths, chiropractors, osteopaths, hypno-therapists, reflexologists, healers, reiki masters, spiritualists, integrated therapists and so many others that have supported our choices. With Chi-Ki Energy you can too. You can find your balance combining any alternative, complementary, integrated treatment or protocols and Cannabis. At Chi-Ki we always suggest  starting with the minimum dose, then see how you feel, introduce one product at a time. This is true herbal holistic health. The facts is  everyone is unique and we all come from a different starting point with a unique diagnosis, all herbal remedies treat the person not the disease. At CHi-Ki we work with people to help them regain balance, what is known as homeostasis , and through that balance healing and improvements in life.