The raven is a sacred bird in many traditions The raven is a teacher of magic and like the hawk was one of the creatures who re-created the world after the flood. It is said that the raven stole the sun, a reference to his love of bright things, but he is also a messenger of Great Spirit. As a guardian of sacred laws his appearance was regarded as a sign of coming change, and so he is a bird of transformation bringing new challenges.  
CBD Products
   Living Trials “Yellow” CBD Oil   10ml  £66 Donation plus £5 Postage and Packing Average 200 drops per 10ml bottle  1.6mg per drop The Chi Ki team have been trialling various strengths and brands of CBD oil available on the high street and the internet. We are now in a position to share the one we found most effective, for inflammation, pain management, anxiety and a range of health and well-being benefits. 32 % Hybrid EU certified Cannabis Sativa paste , suspended in organic hemp seed oil.  Yellow oil is rich in a Broad spectrum of Cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, which help support and feed our endocannabinoid system which aids homoeostasis or balance within the body. All profits go to support patients on living cannabis trials. Click on the link below to order .